Friday April 18th:
8:00PM Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues – Jug Band Music
8:45PM Walker & Jay – Old time string band from Baltimore
9:30PM Dom Flemons – Blues, Old time, Songster
10:15PM Eva Salina – Balkan music
11:00PM Feral Foster & His Band – Songwriter and Blues Singer
11:45PM Jan Bell and the Maybelles – Folk, Americana, Country

Saturday April 19th: Afternoon Concerts

1:30PM Peter K. Siegel and Eli Smith – Songs of the American Labor Movement
2:15PM Piedmont Bluz – Country Blues
3:00PM Pat Conte – Blues guitar
3:45PM Wyndham Baird – Folk and Popular music with guitar, harmonica and piano
4:30PM Blueridge Entertainers – Old Time Stringband duet from North Carolina
5:15PM Willy Gantrim – Original songs and Blues
6:00PM The Tillers – Old Time String Band and Folk Music from Southern Ohio
6:45PM East River String Band with R. Crumb – Country Blues, Ragtime and Old Time music
7:30PM Tahuantinsuyo – Music from the Andes, styles represent the peoples of the ancient Incan empire

Evening Concerts

9:00PM Gamelan Kusuma Laras – Gamelan gong and string orchestra from Java, Indonesia
9:45PM The Down Hill Strugglers with John Cohen – Old Time String Band
10:30PM Frank Fairfield – Old Time Music on the fiddle, banjo and guitar
11:15PM Drunken Catfish Ramblers – Blues, Ragtime, Old Time direct from New Orleans, LA

Sunday April 20th: Afternoon Concerts
1:15PM Kerri Lowe – Original songs
The Spyder Stompers with Sister Sugar Pie - Blues, Oldtime and Folk from Ohio!
2:45PM Hubby Jenkins (of the Carolina Chocolate Drops) – Old time and Blues and banjo and guitar
3:30PM Nathan M. Godfrey – Old time and Blues and banjo and guitar direct from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!
4:15PM Stone Mountain Wobblers – Old-Time String Band, from Georgia!
5:00PM Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle - Ballads and Old Time Music from Virginia!
5:45PM The Whiskey Spitters – Ragtime, Country Blues and Old Time – the Jalopy House Band!
6:30PM Pete Seeger Tribute and Sing-a-long

Evening Concerts

7:30PM SQUARE DANCE! – called by Kristin Andreassen
8:15PM  Spuyten Duyvil – Folk/Americana
9:00PM Jerron “Blindboy” Paxton – Country-Blues guitar, Old Time banjo & fiddle and stride piano!
9:45PM Dubl Handi – Old Time and Folk music

Workshops and Film Screenings:

All workshops and film screenings are included with the price of admission..!
1:00PM Old Time Jam Session with Hilary Hawke
3:00PM Old Time Mandolin workshop with Kris Truelsen
4:00PM Blues Guitar Workshop with Ernie Vega
5:00PM Banjo Workshop with John Cohen

1:00PM Banjo Toss – The famous banjo throwing competition.  Win a free banjo!
- Assemble at 1pm in front of the Bell House for the parade to the banjo tossing arena!
2:00PM Georgia Fiddle Styles Workshop
3:00PM Film: Musuo Song Journey – Documentary about unaccompanied singing among a non-hierarchical tribe in mountainous South Western China
4:00PM Folkloric films in the “American Patchwork” series made by Alan Lomax
5:00PM Two Films by John Cohen: “Musical Holdouts” & “The End of an Old Song” – Followed by Q&A with the filmmaker